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After Weight Loss

Vince Morton's ideal Perspective Weight Loss Testimonial:

I have been overweight most of my life and come from a family of overweight family members.  For several years I had been dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  My family doctor had often advised that any weight loss would be beneficial to a healthier life.  I had often attempted to lose weight, but never had success until “Ideal Protein”.  I had heard of “Ideal Protein” through a friend and in December of 2012 my wife (Linda) and I attended an Ideal Protein seminar in La Porte, Indiana.  I listened to the information given and the only things that I really took away was “no bread, no fruit and no dairy”.  I told my wife there is “no way” I can do that.  I went away thinking and having the attitude that we all have only so many days on this earth and nothing we can do, including another diet program can change that end date.

A few months  later a very close friend of ours, who had just retired from his job in the steel mills and moved to Arizona to spend his retirement years, had a serious stroke.  This hit close to home and I started thinking about my age and realizing that in only a short two to three years I intend to retire from my job and I did not want to retire and have any worse health problems than I was already experiencing.

I have worked in a maximum security prison for over thirty four years and have seen numerous co-workers get close to retirement age or who have just retired and then die or have serious health issues.  I talked to my wife and began to realize, we can’t add any additional time to our lives, but we can make ourselves healthier and better enjoy what time we have left.  I realized that Linda and I should do what we can to help insure a healthier life during our retirement years.

In April of 2013 Linda and I began the Ideal Protein diet program together.  I have always been skeptical of weight loss programs and even after immediately seeing significant weight loss; I was still not overly enthused.  The first couple of weeks was the hardest and that was due to my internal defiance by actually looking for a way to fail and go back to my old self.  I slowly began to realize that I wasn’t hungry as I thought I would be and following the program wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.  It was just my mind that I had to get straight.  I began to realize that desire and dedication is needed to make the program work.  I eventually developed that mindset. 

After being on the Ideal Protein program for only a few months I had a scheduled visit with my physician and he was amazed at my weight loss and improvement in my health.  He immediately lowered all of the three medicines that I was on to the lowest doses available and I will shortly be visiting him again and I feel sure that I may come off of some if not all of my current prescriptions

Shortly after beginning the Ideal Protein diet program I had lost enough weight that other people began to notice and I started receiving compliments daily.  In thirty days I had lost 24.5 lbs. and 18.5 inches off of my body.  At ninety days I had lost 51 lbs. and 42.5 inches.  At six months I had lost 81.4 lbs. and 57.5 inches.  By then I was really feeling better about myself and became truly committed to the program.  You can imagine some of the unkind remarks that I had heard from the offender population at the prison through the past thirty four years, but suddenly I was receiving daily compliments from offenders as well as my co-workers. Seriously, there is not a day that goes by when I don’t hear some positive comment from offenders and my co-workers.  That really boosts your enthusiasm I can tell you.

The staff at the La Porte Indiana Ideal Protein office are amazing.  Kristi and Debbie are like family.  They are so positive in their encouragement and in the manner that they educate you.  If you have ups and downs (which we all do) they will help look for the cause of the downs and help you get back on track.   They really take the time to listen and see what is going on with you.  They are not just people doing a job; they have been or are participants in the Ideal Protein program and are living proof of the success of the program.  

 I have lost 119 lbs. and 76 inches and I am getting ready to move on to the “maintenance” phase of the program.  I have done so much better than I thought possible.  I feel so energetic and positive about myself, I can’t truly express in words what Ideal Protein has done for me.  It feels really great to not have to ask for a table at a restaurant because you can’t fit into a booth.  I can now sit in a theatre seat comfortably without having to raise the chair arm between me and my wife.  I can even sit in a theatre or a church pew and cross my legs comfortably.  That may not sound like much but when you haven’t been able to do these things for so many years, it is really gratifying to be able to do so again.

 I realize that I am also living proof to the success of Ideal Protein.   I advise anyone who struggles with weight or health issues due to their weight to give Ideal Protein a try.  Ideal Protein is more that a diet program, it is truly the last diet that you will ever need.  It is life changing and the knowledge that you gain is essential to a healthier life. 

Vince Morton