Before Weight Loss
After Weight Loss

ideal Perspective Weight Loss Testimonial:

I went to my Dr. on my 19th wedding anniversary for my yearly physical. My blood pressure was 180/120 and that was on medicine. My overall cholesterol was 300 and that was on medicine. I weighed 315. My Dr. told me I needed to lose weight before I became diabetic. My blood sugar was 180.
My wife had been on Ideal Protein and a few other guys that I work with. They all had good results!
I started Ideal Protein on Halloween, my birthday.
First week, I lost 13 pounds!
By January,  my blood sugar was 99 and I was down 40 plus pounds. My blood pressure had dropped to the point I was getting light headed. Kristi instructed me to return to my Dr.
 My Dr. took me off of my blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure was now 118/60. My total cholesterol was 140.
June 1, I met my goal!
I lost 80 pounds in 8m!!!